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German Emphasis for Students Seeking Teaching Certification

This disciplinary emphasis also requires:

  • Admission to the Education Program
  • Completion of the minor in Secondary Education
  • An oral proficiency exam successfully completed before student can be approved for student teaching.
  • Student is required to spend an appropriate period of time in a country where German is spoken or participate in an approved immersion program.
    Supporting Courses6
    Intermediate German Language II
    Intermediate German Conversation and Composition
    Upper-Level Courses27
    Teaching Foreign Languages
    Advanced German Conversation and Composition
    Representative German Authors 1
    Advanced German Grammar
    Study Abroad: Germany
    Travel Course
    Choose 3 credits of the following courses:
    Deutsche Kultur und Landeskunde
    German Culture
    German Cinema
    Choose 3 credits of the following courses:
    Literary Themes
    Literary Eras
    Major German Drama
    Major German Prose Fiction
    Major German Poetry
    Choose 6 credits of Elective courses:
    Select from any 300-400 German upper level courses
    Total Credits33

    Some upper-level courses may be repeated for credit when course content varies.  See adviser.