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Ethnic Studies Perspective

Ethnic Studies Perspective - complete 3 credits

Learning Outcome

  • An understanding of the causes and effects of stereotyping and racism and an appreciation of cultural diversity in the United States.
EDUC 206Cultural Images in Materials for Children and Adolescents3
ENGLISH/FNS 336American Ethnic Literature3
ENGLISH 344African American Literature3
FNS 210American Indians In Film3
FNS 224First Nations and The Sacred3
FNS 225Introduction to First Nations Studies: The Tribal World3
FNS 226Introduction to First Nations Studies: Social Justice3
FNS 301Oneida Language I3
FNS 302Oneida Language II3
FNS 303Oneida Language III3
FNS 304Oneida Language IV3
FNS 305Oneida Language V3
FNS 306Oneida Language VI3
FNS/WOST 360Women and Gender in First Nations Communities3
FNS 372Indigenous Nations Oral and Storytelling Traditions3
FNS 374Wisconsin First Nations Ethnohistory3
HISTORY 207Introduction to African-American History3
HISTORY 309United States Immigration History3
HISTORY 340Topics in African American History3
HUM BIOL 202Ethnic Minorities in Science3
HUM DEV 346Culture, Development and Health3
MUSIC 363Jazz History3
NURSING 492Special Topics in Nursing (Topic #9 only)2-4
NUT SCI 302Ethnic Influences on Nutrition3
PSYCH 305Psychology of Stereotyping and Prejudice3
PSYCH 440Multicultural Counseling and Mental Health3
SOC WORK 330Understanding Diversity, Challenging Oppression: A Service Learning Course for Helping Professionals3
SOCIOL 203Ethnic and Racial Identities3
SOCIOL 303Race and Ethnic Relations3
UR RE ST 216/FNS 216Native American Landscapes:Imagined and Lived Spaces3
UR RE ST 323Asian American Communities in the United States3
UR RE ST 324Latino Communities in the United States3