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Engineering (ENGR)


ENGR 201. Engineering Materials. 4 Credits.

Basic behavior and processing of engineering materials, including metals and alloys, ceramics, and plastics.
P: Chem 212.
Fall and Spring.

ENGR 313. Mechanics I. 3 Credits.

Elementary vector operations, resultant of two- and three-dimensional force systems, centroid, hydrostatic forces, equilibrium of trusses and frames, laws of friction and impending motion, moments of inertia, virtual work, stability.
P: Math 202.
Fall Only.

ENGR 314. Mechanics II. 3 Credits.

Displacement, velocity and acceleration components, kinematics of particles using rectilinear and curvilinear coordinates, relative motion, solution and plane motion of rigid bodies, work and potential energy of particles and rigid bodies, linear and angular impulse and momentum, central force motion.
P: Engr 313.

ENGR 498. Independent Study. 1-4 Credits.

Independent study is offered on an individual basis at the student's request and consists of a program of learning activities planned in consultation with a faculty member. A student wishing to study or conduct research in an area not represented in available scheduled courses should develop a preliminary proposal and seek the sponsorship of a faculty member. The student's advisor can direct him or her to instructors with appropriate interests. A written report or equivalent is required for evaluation, and a short title describing the program must be sent early inthe semester to the registrar for entry on the student's transcript.
P: fr or so st with cum gpa > or = 2.50; or jr or sr st with cum gpa > or = 2.00.
Fall and Spring.